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SSS Moves into the 21st Century

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Kyle hanging a net in preparation for the upcoming season
Kyle hanging a net in preparation for the upcoming season


After years of requests we've finally made the move from our old blog and old fashioned, handwritten checks mailed via the U.S. Postal Service to a new e-commerce website and the all-convenient, "modern" credit card.  We hope our new site is user friendly and continues to tell the story of our small scale family fishing operation.  We're open to suggestions and ideas.

You'll see some other changes this year:

  • In addition to our Sockeye Salmon and Pacific Halibut, we are now offering Pacific Cod and Alaskan Rockfish caught by skiff!
  • We have a Recipe blog.  Please email us any recipes you love and we'll post them!
  • We will offer a revitalized Bulk Buying Club option for our large groups.
  • We finally realized that Seafoods with an 'S' is not grammatically correct and dropped the 'S.'

In addition to our overnight delivery option, we will again offer Salmon Share pickups in Seattle (and possibly the Methow by request.)

We hope you are all doing well and that you continue to buy and enjoy our Small Scales Seafood Shares again in 2016!


Happy Spring,

Emily, Kyle, Maggie and Ben

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