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Ready for 2013 Orders

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We're ready to take orders for 2013! _MG_4480 We're giving returning customers two weeks to get their orders in and then we'll go down our list of interested customers and reach out to new customers.  We've had a few changes in our life, having a baby and moving more full time Alaska, and are making changes in our business to reflect those changes.  This year we will only offer Scrumptious Salmon Shares two ways: shipped directly to you or picked up in Homer.  (Sorry Methow and Anchorage!). Price estimate for 2013:  $15.20/lb for a 25 pound Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Share shipped directly to you or $13.90/lb for a 50 pound share.  $8.75/lb for a Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Share picked up in Homer.  (The small price increase is because we expect the dock price of fish to go up a little this year.  We'll make any adjustments up or down once the fish are caught to offer the most fair and affordable price we can.)  For more information, read all the details about our Salmon Shares and how to place an Order.

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  • Emily Lints on

    Hi Meg, I’ll shoot you an email.

  • Emily Lints on

    thanks grant, i’ll shoot you an email.

  • Meg Fincher on

    I am trying to put in my name etc. for an order but when I put in emily@………… It kicks me to the same page I got when it said to inquire about order. So how do I give you my info to get put on your list? Meg Fincher

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  • on

    Grant JohnsonNew customer1 shareThe order will have to be shippedAddress: 40 Kreuse Canyon Rd., Napa, CA, 94559Phone: 415-279-0717Can fish be successfully shipped all the way to Napa, CA.  It’s already in the 90’s here and I wouldn’t want it to spoil.Let me know and I’ll send a check.Best regards,Grant          

  • Emily Lints on

    oops, I don’t seem to have access to your email. it should work fine to type into a new email composition, if not, please send me your email address and i’ll respond. thanks!

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