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Enjoying Your Salmon?

Cook Inlet AK salmon

image-1 Maggie and her King Salmon cousin


Almost all of our customers have already received their Small Scales Scrumptious Sockeye Salmon Shares.  We hope you're really enjoying the fresh fish!

We have about ten shares left to sell, send your friends our way.

One customer made a particularly scrumptious sounding meal: salmon fillets marinated in olive oil and fresh rosemary, lightly grilled and then topped with a peach bourbon sauce.  Mmmmmm!   We are officially done fishing.  Kyle and JP fished one final day this last Monday in search of a strong Silver Salmon run.  The fishing report was 'too calm and too clear' (often rough water makes it harder for the fish to see the net).  After catching only 15 fish for a long day of fishing they decided that the fuel and time expenditure didn't quite sketch out. Kyle's birthday load! Kyle's birthday load!


Here is a photo of Kyle a couple weeks ago on a particularly good day of fishing.  The load was mostly Silver Salmon (Coho).  It was a pleasant surprise for late season fishing, especially since it was Kyle's birthday.  All these fish were caught in one set, over a pretty short period of time.  Fun and exciting! Overall it's been a pretty good season.  Last year was so good that it's hard to compare, but the price increase at the dock helped to offset the difference in our catch.

We really appreciate your business and hope you appreciate your fish!

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  • Kathy Williams on

    Well done on this blog! The picts. are great – I fondly remember Kyle holding Maggie and the big fish. I love that smug look on Maggie’s face, like she knows all about it. Much love, Mom

  • Emily Lints on

    hi kevin. thanks for your inquiry. we did sell out of last year’s salmon. i’ll keep you on our list for this upcoming year and get you the information once we have it sorted out. take care.

    On Mon, Mar 3, 2014 at 3:32 PM, Small Scales Seafoods wrote:


  • Kevin Sand on

    Dear SSS… Have you sold all of your shares of sockeye from last fall? I am interested in purchasing some or next season if you are out. Thanks, Kevin Sand

  • Barbara Risberg Cole on

    Hey Emily, don just said, I hope Kyle doesn’t confuse them ( which one goes on the grill)! Congrats, and hope to see you sometime in the future! Tell your mom hello from us !! ~Barbara

  • Emily Lints on

    hey kevin. we are still working to figure out the logistics for our last shares. surprisingly baby #2 + toddler is proving difficult ;). i have you on our list and will be in touch sooner than later with details to see if you’re still interested. happy holidays!

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