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We have 300 pounds of Small Scales Seafood's Scrumptious Halibut ready to sell and ship to you! 


This is super top quality halibut caught by Kyle on a blustery day this fall. They were caught in the shallow waters of Kachemak Bay, AK on hook and long-line gear and hauled in by hand in an open skiff.  Due to the small-scale nature of our operation each line of gear sat for less than 3 hours before being hauled in and delivered to our processor.  All halibut were well bled upon landing and properly iced down.  The fishing yielded beautiful medium sized fish that are portioned into 8oz pieces.  (As fishermen we don't target the largest halibut because they are the main female reproducers.  A smaller fish is also more tender and tasty for you!)

This is as good as halibut gets, from the fisherman directly to you! 

Pricing:  We are selling this halibut in 10 pound shares.  Each share is made up of about twenty approximately 8 oz. portions individually vacuum packed.  *Price includes all packaging, overnight shipping, insurance.
  • 1 share, (10 pounds) costs $290, or $29/lb
  • 2 shares (20 pounds) costs $520, or $26/lb (the savings is in the shipping)
  • (if you want more than 2 shares, please inquire about the cost per pound)
Shipping:  We will have our processor, Coal Point, ship the halibut overnight Fed Ex from Homer, AK.  We can ship up until 12/18 or anytime after 1/5, Monday through Thursday. To Order: Please send an email to emily@smallscalesseafoods with the following info.  We will confirm your order via email, have you mail a check, and set up the shipment!
  1. Name
  2. Physical Shipping Address
  3. Phone Number (for shipping purposes)
  4. Number of Shares
  5. Preferred Shipping Date/s
  Halibut is a high value, sought after fish.  It's mild flavor and white flesh take well to marinades, grilling and rich dishes like our favorite, Halibut Olympia.  Halibut is allotted to fishermen on an Individual Fishing Quota, or IFQ, meaning that a fishermen owns a certain number of 'pounds.'  (This is unlike salmon where a permit allows you to catch as much as you can in one fishing period.)  Based on the health of the resource in each particular fishing area of Alaska a fishermen is then allowed to fish a percentage of his owned stock.  Currently we are allowed to fish only about 30% of our owned IFQ.  The fishery is restricted because a large portion of the population is growing very slowly.  This is the long explanation to why halibut currently costs a lot per pound! image(5)

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  • denniscomfort on

    Hi Emily I’m going to be taking at least 20 pounds. I’ve put the word out and will let you know if I want more.

    Hope you’re all well


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