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Goodbye Ernie & Order Update

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Emily's father, Ernie Chenel, passed away this last Sunday while enjoying a game of tennis in the Methow.  He was going to come visit this coming Saturday for two weeks to help us fish and enjoy Alaska.  We miss him so, so much and really wish he could be with us this season and with us to share the little and big adventures of the years ahead.  He was a truly kind hearted man who shared his love so freely.  (He was also a natural commercial fisherman ;).  We love you and miss you Ernie and will think of you every day, every season and always!
Order Update:
We wanted to let everyone know that we have 19 orders left of scrumptious Sockeye. (Approximately the number of Sockeye spawning in the photo below-but don't worry, we sell you Ocean Caught/Bright Sockeye, not spawned out.)
If you'd like to place an order and you're in Anchorage, Homer or want a shipped order, we're happy to reserve your spot on our list.   We will also put people on our wait list as needed, with the hopes of being able to fulfill all placed orders as volume allows.
(Sorry Methow folks, we are full on freezer capacity and can not take more orders or put you on our waitlist.)

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  • Laurelle Walsh on

    Thank you for the sweet picture of your dad, Emily. I know he was really looking forward to seeing you in AK. We miss him tons and will continue to feel his absence for a long time.

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